Countdown to Mystery Class: Three Months to Go!

This month, capture students' questions about time, sunlight, and the seasons on Wonder Rings. Help students create a classroom learning center filled with kid-tested, teacher-approved books. Dive into reading and discover how authors explain the reasons for seasons.

This Week's Update Includes:


Image of the Month

Photoperiod Map
Time to Report!
How Can I Prepare Students for Mystery Class?

1. Report Changes in Daylight
Report your photoperiod data for the first day of each month, and each equinox and solstice. View the Sunlight and the Seasons map to track changes in daylight. Ask questions to help students analyze photoperiod data and make discoveries about sunlight and seasonal change.

Mark Your Calendar!
Report Dates:
First Day of each Month
December 22, March 20, June 20.

Report to the Map

Sunlight and the Seasons: Map of Day Length around the Globe
Sunlight and the Seasons
Explore Changes in Day Length

2. Create Wonder Rings
How do you inspire students to become active learners who pose questions and search for answers? Create Wonder Rings to capture kids' questions about time, sunlight, and seasonal change. Wonder Rings will keep student-posed questions central to the learning process throughout the Mystery Class investigation.

Wonder Ring'

Wonder Rings
A Collection of Questions

3. Build-a-Booklist and Learning Center
How do authors explain the reasons for seasons? How can you find the best books about sunlight and seasonal change? The activities in this guide engage students in the process of building a booklist and learning center for your classroom.

Trade books: Sunlight and Seasonal Change


Just for Teachers: Practice Packets #1 and #2
Prepare yourself for Mystery Class by downloading two Practice Packets:

Exploring Latitude Clues

About Practice Packet #1
Exploring Latitude Clues

Exploring Latitude Clues

About Practice Packet #2
Exploring Longitude Clues

The Next Countdown to Mystery Class will be posted December 1, 2011