Countdown to Mystery Class: Two Months to Go!

This month, put a system in place to capture students' wonderings about time, sunlight, and the seasons. Wonder Rings will keep students' own questions central to the learning process throughout next spring's Mystery Class season.

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How Can I Prepare Students for Mystery Class?

Create Wonder Rings
How do you inspire students to become active learners who pose questions and search for answers? Create Wonder Rings! Students love to make collections. Turn them into question collectors with paper tags and a simple metal ring. This guide shows you how to introduce Wonder Rings and fill them with questions about time, sunlight, and seasonal change.

Continue to:

  • Help students build background knowledge and skills by observing seasonal changes.
  • Track local photoperiod. Encourage students to ask questions and propose possible explanations.
  • Explore the Season Simulator as you watch the seasons change.
  • Make discoveries by reading nonfiction books. (See and Build-a-booklist Teacher Guide.)


Wonder rings teaching suggestions

Wonder Rings
A Collection of Student Questions


Just for Teachers: Practice Packets #1 and #2

Prepare yourself to teach Mystery Class by downloading these two printer-friendly Practice Packets:

Exploring Latitude Clues
#1: Latitude

Exploring Latitude Clues
#2: Longitude Clues
About Mystery Class

Mystery Class is a global game of hide-and-seek where students follow the sun to locate ten top-secret sites "hidden" around the world. Using sunrise and sunset times, students try to find out where in the world each mystery class is located. As they search for the sites, students also discover the reasons for seasons. Mystery Class begins this year on January, 31, 2011.

Watch for monthly "Countdown to Mystery Class" messages to help you get ready for the spring 2011 season.

The Next Countdown to Mystery Class will be posted December 31st.