Countdown to Mystery Class: Fall 2009

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Countdown to Mystery Class: Two Weeks to Go!
This final Countdown to Mystery Class is designed to prepare you for a special set of clues called the "Longitude Clues" which you'll receive in late March, just before the spring equinox. See Teacher Practice Packet #2: Discovering Longitude Clues. Also included, see an introductory activity for introducing students to Mystery Class. Build suspense and assess students' background knowledge about key words and concepts using the word cards and diagrams provided.
Countdown to Mystery Class: Two Months to Go!
How does sunrise/sunset data reveal clues about the latitude of the Mystery Class locations? Teacher's Practice Packet #1 will help you discover for yourself the relationships between latitude, sunlight, and seasonal change. Also this month, to help prepare students for Mystery Class, try looking at a globe in a new way by asking: What can a globe tell us about time and seasons on Earth?
Countdown to Mystery Class: Three Months to Go!
Five, four, three, two, one . . . the Countdown to Mystery Class has begun! Invite students to think about the relationship between sunlight and seasonal change. Introduce your students to the view of Earth from space by visiting the image galleries, start an ever-growing chart of questions, and build background knowledge and sleuthing skills with a vocabulary challenge. Watch for additional "Countdown" messages each month until Mystery Class begins in February.
Globe with question marks

Countdown to Mystery Class: Four Months to Go!
Happy Fall Equinox! Autumn begins in the Northern Hemisphere on September 22nd. It's a good time to begin to explore the Mystery Class investigation. Do you "wonder" what this global game of hide-and-seek is all about? Explore the relationship between the sunlight and seasons. Begin close to home by observing the seasonal changes taking place in your own town. Watch for additional "Countdown" messages each month until Mystery Class begins in February.

earth from space
Welcome and Orientation
When Mystery Class begins in February, weekly news will be posted on this page every Friday. We'll challenge you to find ten Mystery Class sites using sunrise and sunset times and other "clues" as your guide! You can get ready for Mystery Class any time. Learn more about this global game of hide-and-seek. (More)