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Date: 05/20/2017 Location: Harpswell, ME
Number Sighted: 1   43.79, -69.99
Observer: Jaremy    
Comments: I just walked out to my field off the backyard just to see if some more Common Milkweed had popped up. I was looking around and then saw unexpectedly something on the many small Common Milkweed plants (mostly 2-6 in. tall) that were Monarch Butterfly eggs. I lost count but estimated that there were about 20 eggs within the area I checked. I was away for 2 days prior so I did not see any Monarch Butterflies if they had been here. Obviously there was at least 1 female here laying eggs. It was pretty warm 80-85 degrees the last couple days and windy so maybe that had something to do with it. The most eggs on a single plant were 6, 5 in the picture. Editor's Note: The presence of eggs means an adult monarch has arrived in this area. Therefore, we are adding this egg report to the migration map.
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