Monarch Butterfly
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Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration

How to Post Your Message Here

Journey North (
Wed, 28 Apr 1999 11:07:25 -0500

Whose butterflies did you receive?
Follow these steps to post your message in this Electronic Lost and Found:

1) Address an e-mail message to:
2) In the Subject Line write the Name, Town, State/Province of the person
whose butterfly you received. For example:

Butterfly from Jane Doe, Cityville, New York

3) In the Body of the message, tell your story. For example:

Hi, I live in the Texas panhandle. I received Jane Doe's butterfly from
Cityville, New York. The butterfly was in Mexico all winter and Jose Luis
Alvarez took care of it. Jose sent a letter for you Jane. I'd be happy to
mail your butterfly back home to you in New York. Just send me your mailing
Tom in Texas

4) Send the message.
5) Come back often. You'll see your message here, and you might be lucky
enough to find a message for YOU from the person who received your butterfly!

Good Luck!

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