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Grade 1, MA

From: Robin Hirsh <>
Date: Tue Jan 18 2005 - 10:06:18 EST
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Hi! My name is Robin Hirsh. I teach first grade at Blanchard Memorial
School in Boxborough, MA. My class has been studying the life cycle of a
tree. They have been recording these changes through drawings and writing
in an art book. Each month we take a picture of the tree and have a class
discussion which is recorded on a word web. We also have been making
literature connections by reading fiction and nonfiction books, and poems
about trees and lifecycles.

We have also been working with a fifth grade class who is participating in
the tulip garden project. The two classes have been sharing information
and discussing seasonal changes.

With spring on its way lots of changes are about to happen and I was
hoping to help my students explore outside the little town of Boxborough.
I thought if we could connect with another class perhaps in a warmer
climate where the changes will begin happening earlier it would really
expand their understanding of change, what brings about seasonal changes,
and how/when changes can be different from the changes we see here in

If there is a partner that might be a good match for us that would be

Robin Hirsh
Grade 1
Boxborough, MA
Received on Tue Jan 18 10:06:25 2005

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