Davis Thayer Elementary School Planting Day Activities
Franklin, Masachusetts

Three third grade classes at Davis Thayer Elementary School planted 50 Red Empire tulip bulbs September 29, 2010. It was a sunny, warm morning around 80 degrees. The temperature was about 8 degrees higher than normal for this time of year, in New England.

Our classes drew pictures of our bulbs and predicted when we thought they would sprout and bloom. Then we:

  • We went to the Journey North web site to learn about how other schools are taking part in this project too.
  • We got Popsicle sticks with our names on them that our secretary laminated for us. We put them in the ground next to our bulbs.
  • We covered the bulbs with dirt and chicken wire to protect them from squirrels.
class recording Examining the Bulbs recording planting information Recording Predictions
planting with tag Planting and Labeling protecting the bulbs from critters Protecting against Critters