A Story of the Surprise Gift Box
As told by Susan Carney and Chris Merritt:
Mount Markham Elementary, 2nd Grade, West Winfield, NY

Susan Carney writes: "The coolest part of our planting the tulip garden is that I hadn't yet signed up my class, but someone printed a lot of your material and registered me. They also ordered my tulips and left a secret note. When the tulips arrived in our classroom they were wrapped in shiny silver and gold paper and a big note was attached."

IMG_1970 IMG_1970 IMG_1970
Susan Carney's classroom tulips arrived in a special package!

Chris Merritt writes: "Our Garden Committee loved the idea of the Journey North Project; it was an ideal introduction to the art of gardening for our second graders. When Mrs. Carney approached us about consideration of the project we jumped on it and within one week our large box of Red Emperor’s arrived, every bulb in perfect condition just begging to be planted. The committee was as excited as a child on Christmas morning and so we presented the box to the class as a gift with gift-bows, ribbons, paper and all….We feel it truly symbolizes the true gift that mastery of the garden represents."

Students examined the bulbs closely before planting, recording their findings in their Journey North Tulip Garden journals.

IMG_1970 IMG_1970 IMG_1970
Students recorded their observations before they planted.
  • The students will be doing a presentation for the other kids in November about the tulip planting.