The Long Eaton School
Darbyshire, England
Fall 2009

Entire School Pledges to Help the Environment

The 'Footprint' Project:
At Long Eaton this fall, every students and member of staff made a pledge to help the environment - they are all handwritten and displayed throughout the school. Imagine over 1,300 students and about 150 staff pledges found around the school.

Design-the-Lorrie Contest:
Many our students were asked to design a new cover for the local recycling lorries (trucks). The two Long Eaton girls who won proudly display their designs.

Check out the recycling lorrie with the new design proudly displayed on the side.

Tulip Test Garden Planting:
Fall 2009 marked the 5th fall in a row Long Eaton students have participated in the International Tulip Test Garden project. Here, students are planting the Fall 2009 garden.