Lynn Shade's Kindergarten Class
Hepburn-Lycoming Elementary School
Cogan Station, PA

A new-comer to Journey North, Lynn Shade joined the tulip garden study this fall. She documented her fall classroom activities and shares them with us.
We began by talking about the seasons and then focused on Fall. We wrote and decorated a large wallhanging about what happens in Fall. The next day, we used Journey North's ideas of observing bulbs and dissecting bulbs.
Armed with our spades, rulers, watering cans, and bulbs, we planted our bulbs. To mark each child's bulb, we used white plastic spoons with their name on the handle.
Finally, planting day arrived! The next day, we talked about what would happen if we didn't plant the bulbs the right way. Each child could then plant the bulb anyway they wanted. We marked these bulbs with clear plastic spoons with their names again on the handles.
In collaboration with the other kindergarten class, we have made a Journey North display in the hallway between our classrooms: a large bulb poster with the bulb parts labeled. We have added information to that poster and around that poster as we have continued our study: our bulb observations, rules for choosing our site, rules for planting our bulbs, and many photos of the kids "doing their work as scientists".
When the children discovered footprints in our garden they were so upset that they decided we would need to put up a sign to tell others to stay away.