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Monarch Flight in Slow Motion

The 39 pictures below were taken in one half second. They show a monarch in "powered" or "flapping" flight. How many strokes can you count?

FlightPowered01 FlightPowered02 FlightPowered03
FlightPowered04 FlightPowered05 FlightPowered06
FlightPowered07 FlightPowered08 FlightPowered09
FlightPowered10 FlightPowered11 FlightPowered12
FlightPowered13 FlightPowered14 FlightPowered15
FlightPowered16 FlightPowered17 FlightPowered18
FlightPowered19 FlightPowered20 FlightPowered21
FlightPowered22 FlightPowered23 FlightPowered24
FlightPowered25 FlightPowered26 FlightPowered27
FlightPowered28 FlightPowered29 FlightPowered30
FlightPowered31 FlightPowered32 FlightPowered33
FlightPowered34 FlightPowered35 FlightPowered36
FlightPowered37 FlightPowered38 FlightPowered39

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