Nectar Throughout the Season
May 26, 2017 By Mary Hosier
It’s the begining of June and migration for many hummingbirds is complete. Keep sharing your observations throughout the summer.

Summer flowers provide the perfect source for nectar. Photo taken mid-summer
by David Y. Parker in Brookline, Vermont
Offer hungry hummingbirds a variety of flowers and fresh nectar and the birds will give you opportunites to observe them throughout the season. Step into a Vermont garden where photographer David Y. Parker captures hummingbirds finding nectar in the garden throughout the summer. What nectar sources are you offering hummingbirds?

"While I was gardening she hovered right in front of me on salvia flowers. Hummingbirds make gardening extra special."
Staten Island, New York on May 20th.

Where did my hummers go?
At the end of May observers are noticing that it seems their hummingbirds have virtually disappeared.

"We always have a couple of hummers around until fall. Last week we had 3, then nothing. Feeder is full and fresh but nothing at the shrimp plant or salvia either. What happened?"
Abbeville, Louisiana on May 13th.

Your birds are busy nesting and raising young at this time of year, according to hummingbird expert Lanny Chambers. During this time they seek out protein sources like small bugs to feed their young. Feeders and nectar sources are often second choice now.



Phlox flower

Dahlia flower

More Nectar Sources    
Iris flower blueberry flower Hosta flower
Iris Blueberry Hosta
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