Reaching Northern Limits
May 19, 2017 By Mary Hosier
Delighted Northerners report first sightings from Alberta to Prince Edward Island this week.

"My first female arrived yesterday and I got some fun photos of her with snow-covered Mount Washington
in the background," wrote Leslie Bergum, May 18th from Carroll, New Hampshire.

Winds and weather provided the right combination for the Ruby-throat migration to reach the edge of their northwest range in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada. Meanwhile, snow blankets parts of the Rocky Mountains bringing a chill to all, including western hummingbird species.

"Another big snowstorm..."
Pine, Colorado on May 18th.

"Only one hummingbird this morning came looking for feeder."
Wakaw, Saskatchewan on May 15th.

"We were sitting down eating cherries and Morel mushrooms when we saw our first hummingbird at our feeder. "
Sioux Narrow, Ontario on May 17th.

Rufous and Other Western Hummers
Both male and female Rufous reported arriving in western Montana. In New Mexico it's nesting season:

"We have had waves of hummingbirds visiting the feeders this past week. Three or four females have taken to the trees and I assume they're building nests."
Capitan, New Mexico on May 13th.

Another Snowstorm

Chillin' in the Rain

Welcome Back

Journal: Nesting Phenology

Each year when Ruby-throated hummingbirds migrate north, they arrive on the breeding grounds with one main focus—producing a successful new generation. This involves several critical steps.

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