Hummingbird News: April 16, 2014
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Hummingbirds are on the move. Rufous are moving into the Rocky Mountains while ruby-throats are headed up the Atlantic Coast. Image of the Week

Got Nectar?
Photo: Jack Moskovita

News: Into the Rockies, Up the Atlantic
Rufous Moving Into the Rockies
The migration moves up the Pacific Coast first, where temperatures are warmer in the springtime. Next the hummingbirds move eastward and into the Rocky Mountain region. Right now, the northernmost hummingbird has reached Alaska and the westernmost has arrived in Idaho.

Ruby-throats Moving Up Atlantic Coast
Strong south winds and warm temperatures brought ruby-throated hummingbirds to Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and up the Connecticut River valley to Vermont this week.

"First rubythroat at my feeder! Put up the feeder yesterday, knowing I was most likely a week early; so glad I did."
04/15/14  Charlestown, Rhode Island

Western Species Highlights
Migration continues across North America with first sightings of Calliope, Broad-tail, and Black-chinned hummingbirds. These western birds can be found in diverse habitats from desert to forest, sub-alpine meadows, and into mountainous areas.

"First of season Broad-tailed male at our deck feeder arriving early. First arrival dates range from April 17th-26th over the last 5 years."
04/13/14  Parker, Colorado

Arriving in Idaho
hummer on ocean railing
Photo: Christine Haines
Maps: Tracking Migration
Robin Migration: What to Report

Hummingbird Migration Map: Ruby-throated Hummingbird Hummingbird Migration Map: Rufous Hummingbird
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