Hummingbird News: April 9, 2014
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High winds brought an unexpected hummingbird to South Dakota. Hummingbird migration continues to advance this week. Image of the Week
Nectaring in CA
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Photo: Debra Hopkins
News: Approaching 40° North
Ruby-throat migration continued to advance this week, and has nearly reached 40°N latitude. Observers are now reporting from Missouri, Tennessee, and coastal areas of Maryland and New Jersey.

How are temperature and ruby-throat migration related? Explore the maps and look for patterns.

Ruby-throat in South Dakota
A month early — and 385 miles off course — a female hummingbird was found in South Dakota last week. Was she carried north by strong southerly winds?

In addition to the female found in South Dakota we have two more sightings reported during that time.

Rufous in Alaska
Meanwhile, rufous hummingbirds have made their way north into the Alaskan Panhandle this week.

hummer on ocean railing
In South Dakota
In Alaska
Expert Answers: Answers are Here
Do hummingbirds hibernate? How old can they get? Thanks to Lanny Chambers for answering questions like these. Lanny Chambers
Maps: Tracking Migration
Robin Migration: What to Report

Hummingbird Migration Map: Ruby-throated Hummingbird Hummingbird Migration Map: Rufous Hummingbird
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