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Observations from Citizen Scientists:
Week Ending March 27, 2013

What 3 questions would you ask these observers so you could better understand hummingbird behavior?

Mistaken Identity
"While walking on a public path along the bay in Benicia, California, we saw what I call a 'bee hummingbird.' It was feeding on the flowering bushes, and its wings were a blur. It was a muted tan with some white on the wings. Amazing to watch! " 3/22/13

British Columbia Sightings
First sightings of rufous poured in from southwest British Columbia with sightings in Ladysmith, Sproat Lake, Denman Island, Billie's Bay, and North Saanich.

Anna's Offspring Return
"We have six feeders out at all times as the Anna's offspring are starting to come to the feeders. Two pairs of Rufous nested here last summer." North Saanich, British Columbia 03/24/13

Feeder Fights
"I put up 4 mini-feeders after I saw first rubythroat, and now have my own personal 'Star War's dogfights sponsored by Mother Nature in my back yard already!!! There are at least 4 of them so far." Union Springs, Alabama 03/25/13

Reports from Other Observers: You can find all observations reported this week in the sightings database and on the on the rufous, rubythroat, and other hummingbird migration maps.

spinx moth
Photo: Donald Troha
Mistaken Identity

rufous in BC
Rufous Sighting: BC

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