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Observations from Citizen Scientists:
Week Ending March 20, 2013

What 3 questions would you ask these observers so you could better understand hummingbird behavior?

March 18: Abilene, Texas
What an enjoyable day I have had watching hummingbirds in my back yard.

March 17: Rainier, Washington
First male Rufous. As in many past years, on the 17th. Dad's birthday, my favorite bird!

March 16: Tuscola, Texas
1st Black-chinned male huumingbird seen 8am this morning. Strong south wind for several days. Earliest date I have seen them in 14 years of keeping records here. Previous earliest was 03/17/08.

March 16: Bellingham, Washington
Male returned right on schedule! He's already fighting with the Anna's.

March 14: Tacoma, Washington
Several Anna's hummers hanging out in my yard. These are my second blooms of 2013 and the hummers love it.

March 13: Houston, Texas
This is my LAST sighting for this location. The rufous has overwintered here since 11/29/12... The photo was taken on 3/8/13.

March 13: Wiggins, Mississippi
Just on time, March 10 - March 15, first sighting of a ruby throat, a male, of course.

March 15: Oak Harbor, Washington
Rufous at the feeders - first ones of spring, we feed Anna's all year round with approximately 10 feeders and watch for Rufous as we are a research site for a hummingbird UW project every spring. The first one arrived here 3/15/2013--an early bird!

Can You De-Code This?
From Guemes, Washington came this sighting report 03/15/13:

"FOY ad. female RUHU"
(First Of Year adult female rufous hummingbird.)

Reports from Other Observers: You can find all observations reported this week in the sightings database and on the on the rufous, rubythroat, and other hummingbird migration maps.

Anna's hummingbird
Photo: Don Hardin
Rufous in Abilene

Anna's hummingbird
Photo: Jack Moskovita
Anna's in Tacoma

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