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Observations from Citizen Scientists:
Week Ending March 13, 2013

Asking questions: Read these descriptions from observers. What 3 questions would you ask these observers so you could better understand hummingbird behavior?

Early March: Seattle, Washington
A nesting rufous female was spotted and photographed just before a storm. The next day the bird and the nest were gone, reports Michael Miller. Early nesting is a gamble.

March 7: Cowichan Bay, British Columbia
These little birds have been back for a few days but it wasn't until yesterday that I clearly saw one buzzing around. I'm wondering if they are starting to make nests?

March 10: Lacey, Washington
Several rufous stop by the feeder. They even shared the nectar just keeping an eye on each other.

March 10: San Antonio, Texas
I believe they were Ruby-throats. They (2) flew by very quickly. Imagine my excitement though? My first hummers this season!

March 11: Ingram, Texas
Have had my feeders up for 5 days. Finally today one very hungry hummer.

rufous male
Photo: Michael Miller
Rufous Nesting


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Photo: Laura Erickson