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Observations from Citizen Scientists:
Week Ending March 6, 2013

Asking questions: Read these descriptions from observers. What 3 questions would you ask these observers so you could better understand hummingbird behavior?

March 5: Pascagoula, Mississippi
Small male ruby-throat at my window feeder this morning. Saw him later feeding on coral honeysuckle and russelia.

March 4: Huntsville, Texas
Scruffy-looking Rufous was here only one day then gone. Today we have a strong south wind so maybe I'll see a Ruby Throat soon.

March 3: Friday Harbor, Washington
First male Rufous at the feeder this morning. Moved the fuschias out of the greenhouse so he can enjoy the blooms.

February 26: Williamsburg, Virginia
This Male Rufous has been here all winter. He's has almost finished molting and has steadily gained in size. He will probably be leaving soon.

February 20: Fenton, California,
Allen's hummingbirds have returned. We have Anna's year round. The traffic at my feeders...and the quantity consumed...has just about doubled in the last week.

rufous male
Rufous in Virginia

rufous in Friday Harbor
Almost to Canada

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