Migration Update: May 23, 2012
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As the hummingbird migration continues, more Canadians are welcoming North America's smallest backyards birds. It's nesting season. In the far South, ruby-throated females are on their second nests, and farther north they are incubating or feeding young. Use a word cloud to write a nesting story about what you have learned. Please complete our Annual Evaluation.

Today's Report Includes:

Image of the Week
feeding time!
Credit: Ed Robertson
Hidden Nests
News: Hummer Sighting News
Sightings from the North
As we march into mid-May the rubythroats are pushing north and westward into Alberta. They are right on schedule according to the sighters!

Waskatenau, Alberta (54.12, -122.78) 05/18/12
Our first sighting was a female. However, over the weekend, a male or more made several visits along with other females.

Androssan, Alberta (53.55, -113.15) 05/20/12
Ruby-Throated male checking out the feeder.

Negginan, Manitoba (52.99, -97.27) 05/21/12
A male ruby throated hummingbird arrived today at our feeder. This is around the same time as we usually we get them.

Grand Rapids, Manitoba (53.20, -99.30) 05/22/12
Just caught some movement out of the corner of my eye and spotted the first hummingbird at one of my feeders. It makes it feel warmer just knowing they're back for the summer.

Spokane, Washington (47.67, -117.44) 05/17/12
Had a Black-chinned male visit one of our feeders at 4:45 pm. He rested and fed for quite awhile, so I'm not sure if he's a local or just passing through.

NE sighting
Northwest bound
Fewer Sightings?
Many observers saw their first ruby-throated hummingbirds earlier this spring, but then the birds disappeared. In Lexington, Virginia, a disappointed observer writes, "Sighted a female 10 days ago at the feeders but not any more as of today. Very sad..."

How would you explain why this is happening? We asked three hummingbird experts why we're seeing fewer hummers now. Here is what they shared:

feeding the baby
Experts Explain Theories
Journal: Nesting Words
This word cloud contains descriptive words that will help you write all about hummingbird nesting. Use the words alone, or together with drawings that explain what you've learned about hummingbird nesting. words nest
Word Cloud
Latest Maps
In the next few weeks the rufous' and rubythroats' spring migration will be done. We can look at the distribution map, but they can't. How are the boundries set for each species' breeding ranges? Explore geography and migration in this week's journal page. journal
Journal Page
ruby map ruby map ruby map
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The next Hummingbird migration update will be posted on June 6, 2012.