Hummingbird Update: March 7, 2012
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Your Sightings!
Report Your Sightings
Southerly winds did the job of assisting rubythroat migration across the Gulf this week. The map shows an amazing number of first sightings covering the Gulf Coast from Texas across to Florida. This week find out how one woman spots the migrant among her regular overwintering hummer friends. A gallery of hummingbird photographs will stimulate inquisitive minds. Gather your questions, then Ask the Expert starting this Friday.

This Week's Update Includes:

Image of the Week
Looking and learning about hummers
Photo: Dorothy Edgington
What do you wonder?
Highlights: Hummers are Here!
"I'm wondering if the red shirt I hung in the tree attracted the humer here on his migration route," reports a retired teacher from Gainesville, Florida.

Read more first Ruby-throated hummingbird sighting and use your journal to record your thoughts:

close up Gulf
Sighters reporting across the Gulf Coast
Photo Narrative: Baby Girl and Baby Boy
One of the pleasures of following the hummingbird migration is finding special people willing to share their stories and experiences. Meret Wilson, of Ormond Beach, Florida, has shared winters the past 3 years with two ruby-throated hummingbirds, “Baby Girl” and “Baby Boy.”

Photo Narrative
Explore: Observe and Wonder
These pictures show hummingbirds doing various things. We hope they'll spark your curiosity. Take a look and have a brainstorm! Challenge yourself to ask at least two questions about each picture. Capture your questions and starting Friday, March 9; submit your favorites to our Hummingbird Expert Lanny Chambers.

Ask the Expert
Special thanks to Lanny Chambers for sharing his time and expertise again this year to answer your questions! Beginning this Friday, March 9, you will have two weeks to prepare and submit your questions to Lanny.

Ask the Expert Will be Open
March 9 - March 23, 2012.

photo gallery
Photo Gallery

Meet Lanny
Lanny Chambers

Latest Maps: Migration has Started
The migration is underway. Winds can play a part in helping tiny hummingbirds survive the journay. One reporter from Louisiana writes, "He must have come in on the southerly winds of the past few days." The long flight across the Gulf is an amazing phenomenon to imagine!
ruby map ruby map ruby map
(map | animation | sightings)
(map | animation | sightings)
(map | animation | sightings)
Report Your Sightings!
Male and Female Rubythroat male and female rufous collage
Other Species
The next Hummingbird Migration Update will be posted on March 14, 2012.