Journey North News: Spring 2012


Posted Wednesdays: Feb. 8, 22, 29, Mar. 7, 14, 21, 28, Apr. 4, 11, 18, 25, May 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, Jun 7
dot of paint June 6, 2012
As the season wraps up, the maps slow down. Most observers have seen their "firsts." Now they can explore how hummers behave and interact with one another, their food sources, and different weather conditions. We hope you'll do the same! Learn more about hummer banding. Enjoy the summer and all the possibilities the season brings. This is the final spring migration update. Photo: Aimee Johnson
nest May 23, 2012
As the hummingbird migration continues, more Canadians are welcoming North America's smallest backyards birds. It's nesting season. In the far South, ruby-throated females are on their second nests, and further north they are incubating or feeding young. Use a word cloud to write a nesting story about what you have learned.
Photo: Ed Robertson
female May 16, 2012
The rubythroat migration is now advancing into its northern reaches. After long travels, these birds are just now reaching their breeding grounds in Canada and Alaska. It's time to celebrate! Kids share their scientific drawings. A photographer shares the day-to-day images of tiny eggs and miniature babies.
Photo: Robert Pearson
in the nest May 9, 2012
Weather conditions were in place for a surge in the rubythroat migration last week. Over 500 reporters spotted their first hummingbird of the season! For some of these birds their migration is over and it is time for nesting. This week you're invited to peek inside a hummer nest and watch the tiny birds as they grow. Thanks for filling out our Annual Evaluation. Photo: Dorothy Edgington
mystery May 2, 2012
This week hummingbird sightings seemed to appear in waves. The migration is in full swing! Find out what some people have called, "the tiniest hummingbird ever seen." Sharpen your skills at comparing and contrasting. We welcome your feedback on the Annual Evaluation.
fluff April 25, 2012
It is nest building season for many hummers that have arrived on their breeding grounds. Other little migrants still have the urge to fly further and reach the place they will call home for their babies. Take the research challenge and learn more about the nesting cycle. Visit a school where hummingbirds are welcomed with garden flowers and feeders.
Photo:Ed Robertson
who am I April 18, 2012
Hummingbirds are steadily advancing along their migratory pathways, and you can see the patterns on the maps. Weekend storms swept through the leading edge of the rubythroat migration. Rufous hummers have made their way north to Haines, Alaska. Earth Day is Sunday. Find out how you can protect these small birds and make a difference in your hometown habitats this week. Photo: Debra Jones
antics April 11, 2012
It is time to zip into "territory mode" for the male hummers. As they are arriving on their nesting grounds, males are competing for nectar-rich, sheltered
areas to lure the right female for their mates. Hummingbird migration is in full swing and 2012 continues to be interesting year for the record books. Photo: Russ Thompson
dates April 4, 2012
Spring weather seems to have brought the rufous migration to a standstill, or has it? The rubythroat migration has stabilized and most hummers are arriving on schedule.
Share a piece of rufous sighting history. Expert Lanny Chambers gives us answers to our questions that you won't want to miss! Photo: Linda Zielinski
hummers are back! March 28, 2012
Persistent southerly winds seemed to have helped push the rubythroat migration to historic proportions. Look at the remarkable migration pattern, find out where the data come from and how made, and question the data as scientists do. Discover the secret to hummingbird hovering and flying in place. Predict how long before your hummer arrives.
Photo: Donald Rash
update032112 March 21, 2012
Southerly winds helped push the rubythroat migration into 4 new states this week. Check out lots of interesting hummingbird sighting reports. Compare rufous and rubythroat migrations in today's slideshow.
Here's a research question for you: How do hummers bathe?
Photo: Diane Rado
ruby March 14, 2012
How do these tiny birds fuel up for the migration ahead? Use activities and resources to explore how the amazing hummingbird finds the food it needs. Ruby-throated hummingbirds have already been sighted in 6 states. Predict when and where will they move next. Ask the Expert open until March 23.
Looking and learning about hummers

March 7, 2012
Southerly winds did the job of assisting rubythroat migration across the Gulf this past few days. An amazing number of first sightings are covering the Gulf Coast from Texas across to Florida. This week find out how one woman spots the migrant among her regular overwintering hummer friends. A gallery of hummingbird photographs will stimulate inquisitive minds. Gather your questions, then Ask the Expert starting this Friday.

nectaring hummer

February 29, 2012
Just like clockwork, over the weekend the first migrating rubyroated hummingbirds showed up on US soil. "Woo hoo! Here we go again..." exclaims Lanny Chambers. How can spotters distinguish a new migrant from a winter resident? When is the wind just right for crossing the Gulf? Let's dig into these questions and more in this week's slideshow.

rufous February 22, 2012
Get ready! Find your feeders and clean them up. Winter is over in some parts of North America. The hummers will soon be arriving. By the end of February they will be getting ready to make the journey across the Gulf of Mexico. Why don't they stay in the tropics? Find out in today's slideshow. Let's learn about bird banding and take a closer look.
species poster February 8, 2012
Welcome to Journey North's 19th season! We will be tracking the spring migration of the ruby-throated and rufous hummingbirds on their journey north. Plus, we will be collecting your sightings of the other species found in North America. Learn more about all the North American hummingbird species and where they are commonly found this week.
ruby nectaring
Welcome to Journey North's 19th Season!
Beginning February 8th, we'll track spring migration of the ruby-throated and rufous hummingbirds on their journey north. Plus, we'll collect your sightings of the 13 other species in North America. Meet and get to know our hummingbirds.