Is That My Hummer?
"Every time I read of a sighting report on your site, I think 'maybe that one was mine!'" writes Lakeland, Florida bird lover Mary Boston.

Where do the banded birds that winter in Lakeland go in the summer? Often the little hummers that are banded one winter will return back to their yards the following winter, but residents of this Florida town want to know where have they been during the summer months.

Lakeland resident Mary Boston wants Journey North hummingbird sighters to watch for birds wearing bands this summer. If you see a resident bird wearing a leg band, contact a local bird bander, or the Hummer/Bird Study Group to report the banded bird.

What's with the pink painted cap? The bird bander put a little streak of pink paint on this immature male ruby when he banded him. If the bird returned to the trap on banding day, he wouldn't be re-captured. The paint is non-toxic and will easily come off.

hanging the feeder outside the classroom

Photo credit: Mary Boston. Lakeland, Florida