Migration Update: February 2, 2011
Please Report
Your Sightings!

Welcome to Journey North's 18th season! We will be tracking the spring migration of the ruby-throated and rufous hummingbirds on their journey north this spring. Plus, this year we will be collecting your sightings of the 13 other species in North America. Meet and get to know our hummingbirds.

Today's Report Includes:

Image of the Week
hummingbird species poster

Which Species are YOU Likely to See?

Meet Two Hummingbirds: Which Species is Which?

Journey North students will be tracking two species of hummingbirds. If you live in the eastern part of the continent we hope you see the ruby-throated hummingbird. In the western half of the continent you are more likely to see the rufous hummingbird. Grab your Hummingbird Journal and follow along with this slideshow to learn how these two hummingbird species are different.

Photos: Ed Robertson, Russ Thompson
Meet our hummingbird species! Do you know which is which?

Explore: Mapping Hummingbird Species

Hummingbirds are only found in the Western Hemisphere. You'll find them in every state except Hawaii, and many Canadian provinces. Which ones are you likely to see? Use the species data to create a diversity map of North American hummingbird species.

After completing your map use your Journal to reflect and analyze what you've learned:

blank map
Use the hummingbird data to color in your own map in today's lesson.

Report Your Sightings: Seeing Hummingbirds?

All hummingbirds do not go to Central America in the winter. Please help us document where hummingbirds are located this winter!

Rufous hummingbird migration map


Ruby-throated hummingbird migration map
Ruby-throated Hummingbirds

Ruby-throated hummingbird migration map
All Other Hummingbird Species

Getting Started: This Week's Hummingbird Resources

Get to know hummingbirds by exploring these lessons and resources:

Watch for and report any winter hummingbird sightings!

More Hummingbird Lessons and Teaching Ideas!

The Next Hummingbird Migration Update Will Be Posted on February 23, 2011.