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Rufous Hummingbird Map Questions
(Teachers: Maps are hotlinked for larger projection on smartboard or screen.)
Look at this week's Rufous migration map and at the blue part of the distribution map. (This shows where rufous hummers breed.)

Go to the Live Rufous Map. Find the drop-down menu in the upper left (circled here). Start by selecting the week of March 7. Look at the map while you then select March 28. Notice how the migration moved during March.

Next look at April. Select the week of April 4. Then select "This Week." Notice how the migration is moving during April.

For each month, write a sentence that describes the migration:


April (first few weeks):
What do you think caused the differences? List at least three factors.
What questions do you have about the maps or migrations? (Use the back side of the page.)