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Hummingbird Map Questions

Weather Maps for the Wind
The journey back across the Gulf of Mexico is carefully timed by our migrating hummingbirds. Unless they find an oil platform or a ship the little birds fly up to 500 miles without a break. Wind speed and direction are big factors in this part of the hummingbird migration. We should begin to see our first ruby-throated hummers arrive along the Gulf Coast very soon.

What kind of wind would be best for helping the hummingbirds across the Gulf of Mexico? These weather maps show the forecasted wind this week. Study the key to learn what the wind barbs on the maps mean. Study the maps to see if, and when the wind will be good for hummingbirds to cross the Gulf of Mexico.

1. Use a marker to draw arrows on the maps and show what direction the wind is blowing near the Gulf of Mexico each day. (See example for Tues, Feb. 23.)

2. Using what you learned from these maps about the forecasted wind direction, make a prediction about when the first hummingbirds will arrive on US soil: ______________________________________________________