Hummingbird Migration News: August 29, 2014
By Rita Welch
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As August ends, observers in the north are already seeing fewer adult males. The females and juveniles left behind now face less competition for food. Fall-blooming flowers like spotted jewelweed are providing essential fuel for migration.

"The males left on August 21st and their place at the feeders has been taken by juveniles, feeding intensely before departing on their first trip south."

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Hummingbird fall sightings
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Migration Highlights
humm Eating Dawn to Dusk Responding to Changes
Finding Natural Nectar
Kristy Walker

Visiting Feeders
Amy Evoniuk

Defending Food
Responding to Changes Eating Dawn to Dusk Responding to Changes
Leaving First
Flying Solo
Geri DeBoer
Migrating Unescorted
Deborah Repasz
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What is the best sugar-water solution? How long can I leave my feeders up? How often should I clean and refill? How can I prevent bees from bothering my hummers trying to feed?

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Burning Food Fast
Amy Evoniuk
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