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Western Sightings
Alaska was one of 23 states reporting this week. California tied Florida for third place in sightings, with six each. British Columbia was the most western of four Canadian provinces reporting. What are they seeing?

"Our Rufous hummers are long gone, but two hummingbirds seen today might have been Anna's."

Pam R. in Haines, Alaska (October 25, 2013)

“We are very surprised to see what we believe are Calliope and/or Anna's hummingbird's this late. At 6,000 feet, it is supposed to snow tonight (we already had a snowfall weeks ago). We wonder if they can survive getting through the mountains."

Paula S. in Lake Arrowhead, CA (October 28, 2013)

"Just over a week ago I reported seeing an Anna's Hummingbird that is still around. Today while I was out trying to capture it with my camera, a second one showed up."

  Tania Simpson in Peachland, British Columbia, Canada (October 29, 2013)

Anna's Hummingbird in British Columbia Oct. 29
Photo: Tania Simpson

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