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Cold-Feeder Consequence
This observer tells of a hummingbird that went into sudden torpor from cold food. Hummingbirds normally would go through torpor while perched on a branch somewhere hidden. It is dangerous to go into torpor in such an open and visible space as a feeder, but the onset was likely sudden due to having just eaten very cold sugar water from the feeder. Discover more about torpor in the "Explore" section of today's report.

"I wanted to put some room-temperature sugar water out before 7 a.m. in case the little hummer came back but—too late—I saw the hummer was hanging on the feeder by her feet! I continued to watch and saw no movement. Soon the sun was shining stronger and it was getting warmer outside. Finally, she just "woke up,"fluffed up her feathers, and preened a little. She took some long drinks, then flew away like nothing happened!"

Mae Watson in Hanover, Indiana (October 18, 2013)

Photo: Beth Harless

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