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Going, Going. . .
Numbers and sightings are dropping, with more than 200 fewer sightings than last week. It's a reflection of fall cold fronts pushing hummers southward as well as the stage of the migration. The northernmost reports came from Alberta, Canada on Oct. 4 and 5. The Gulf state of Texas again led in number of reports. Illinois and Indiana were next, then Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida. Hummers are moving southward!

"I had over 100 at a time a month ago, but have only 1 female left."

Scott B. in Huntsville, Texas (October 9, 2013)

"Still have one little male since Oct 6th. He has plumped up a lot so I expect him to leave soon. Those to the south, keep your feeders full for my little fellow please!

Jill P. in Ashburn, Virginia (October 9, 2013)

"Only one female Rubythroat is still coming to the garden and feeders. I don't see her as often as I did a few days ago. She must be getting ready for her long, long journey."

Donna M. in Ypsilanti, Michigan (October 5, 2013)

Ruby-throated hummingbird perched on stem
Image: Linda Tully Pontius


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