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Where's the Meat?
Kenneth Drake in Willis, Texas watched a female Rubythroat "twist and jerk in mid air as she snatched small airborne bugs to satisfy her need for protein." Hummingbirds may eat as many as 2,000 tiny insects a day to meet their protein needs.

“We all know that hummingbirds eat bugs, but I have never seen them do it before today. Some flies were on the inside of my window near the feeder. I watched a male come to the window and open his beak wide and try to eat a fly in the window! I'm going to try putting out some rotten fruit next to the hummingbird feeders so they can feast on the flies attracted by the fruit."

T.J. Wallace of Houston, Texas

"In the past several days, I have seen the hummers looking for insects as well as stopping to sip nectar from feeders and flowers."

Valerie F. of Joplin, Missouri

Ruby-throated Hummingbird landing on a feeder
Photo: T.J. Wallace

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