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Finding Flowers
Observers report hummingbirds nectaring at a banquet of flowers. Among them are some that you may wish to plant: Mexican Catchfly ("Jack Flash" Silene), butterfly bush, lantana, Texas Red Sage, trumpet vine, crepe myrtle, pentas plants, fuschias, flowering maples, Hamelia, Turk's Caps, Agastache plants and more:

"They love my red canna and zinnias. I have a feeder but haven't seen them there."

Maryann F. at Bergen County Technical High School, Paramus, NJ (September 30)

"A Rubythroat hummer was very vigorously investigating the hanging basket with calibrachoa flowers, and completely ignored two feeders."

Kyle E., Kokomo, Indiana (October 1)

"A hummingbird in my yard was all over the pineapple sage, going to every flower and occasionally going to the feeder."

Bernice Ziniewicz, Mountaintop, Pennsylvania

Hummingbirds at blossoms
Photo: Bernice Ziniewicz


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