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Feeding Frenzies
Texas was the top state reporting hummers again this week, with even more reports than last week! After reporting a big decrease following a cool front a week ago, Diana in Angleton, TX had a new influx of hummingbirds: "Now there are so many I can't keep count!"

"I put out an additional 15 feeders yesterday and additional 4 today to give the Yankee hummers a break. I've got around 30 feeders in all...and they are still fighting!"

Debra King in Meridien, Mississipi (September 29, 2013)

"With continuing southeast winds, hummer numbers have increased and are aptly quantified at the level of a 'whirling dervish.'" (video)

Tom Stehn in Aransas Pass, Texas (September 30, 2013)

Screenshot of hummingbird video clip
Video: Tom Stehn, Aransas Pass, Texas (


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