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Traffic Jam
At last weekend's Hummingbird Festival in Rockport, Texas, visitors said how slow the migration has been so far. That changed overnight! On September 15 Tom in nearby Aransas Pass reported hummers are "going nuts" at his feeders, counting 25 around two feeders. "This is the first great hummer day of the fall for us," Tom wrote. Another festival visitor returned from Rockport to find her Houston backyard brimming with hummers. She found "more in my backyard than in Rockport!"

"The spectacular display continues. They are drinking 5 cups of sugar water a day from a total of our 4 feeders. I wonder if young aircraft controllers in training could learn something by watching the flight patterns of hummers at a feeder. I've never seen two hummingbirds collide!"

Tom Stehn, Aransas Pass, Texas (September 18, 2013)

Busy hummingbird feeder
Photo: Tom Stehn


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