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Look for Clues

"This little guy has been hanging around our feeder for several days, now," wrote Sue on October 15. "I've never seen one like it before. I think it may be a young, or immature Rufous. But if so, isn't he totally lost?? I'm hoping you can confirm what type it is."

Q: What would you tell this observer? Remember: A bird's field markings help us identify its species. The location is another helpful clue: Sue saw the bird in Carrollton, Virginia. Where could you look up field markings of the two species she suspects the bird is? If you can answer to Sue's two questions, go to her observation report and click on the link to "email the observer." Citizen scientists share ideas and information—so we all learn!

Hummingbird: Is it a Rufous or Anna's?
Photo: Sue Mohrmann