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Kaylie Helps Out
Kaylie at hummngbird banding release
Kaylie, age 6, is ready for Illinois hummingbird bander Vernon Kleen to place a newly banded hummingbird in her hand. Each pink bag (left) holds a recently captured hummingbird for banding and release.
Kaylie at hummingbird banding
Mr. Kleen placed the tiny bird in Kaylie's hand. He said to open slowly and maybe it will sit there for a bit.
Kaylie at hummingbird banding
Kaylie opened her fingers — and he was gone in a flash!
Kaylie at hummingbird banding

Kaylie said, "I want to do that again!"

Kaylie will always have this moment, thanks to the video clip by Judy Reagan, her her grandmother.

Photos: Judy Reagan (Kaylie's grandmother) of Hannibel, MO