Migration Update: September 23, 2011
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Week #5: Still Seeing Hummingbirds? Let Us Know!
Another peak week in the Gulf coast states. Observers share photos, videos and words of awe. This week's tip: Keep your feeder up for the stragglers. Your feeder will not cause hummingbirds to stay longer than they should.

Please Report Weekly!

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Hummingbird Migration Map Fall 2010
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Hundreds of Hummingbirds!
Sunday morning was the moment, and the Texas coast was the place. When the rain began, a spectacular "fall out" occurred. When weather turns bad during migration, hummingbirds drop down for a pit stop. They'll take off again when the weather is right.

Look at the migration map to see where the action was last week. Peak reports appeared all along the Gulf of Mexico in Texas. Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama were hotspots, too. Here are some of the comments:

"We were going through a gallon of bird soup a day!" proclaimed a Corpus Christi, TX observer who fed 150 hungry hummingbirds in his backyard. "The numbers grew and grew until Sept 21. Then suddenly, most were gone."

"They were so hungry they were forgetting to fight. Some were sitting side by side and taking turns feeding from the same flower. At one point, the ring around the feeder was loaded with birds all the way around." La Porte, TX

Two hundred hummingbirds appeared on Sunday in Ingleside on the Bay, TX: "They're emptying our feeders in no time, and drinking up to two gallons of nectar a day."

"Here in the Corpus Christi, TX, area we call it 'frenzy week'. It's interesting how accurately you can tell the weather by the hummers. When they mass-mob the feeders we know our first cold front is coming. When I look out my windows and all of the little guys are gone, I know a big front will come through within 24 hours."

Look at the pictures and listen to the words people used to describe the action:

A feeding frenzy!
A swarm!
Dodging and darting,
in death-defying dips and dives.
Eating like crazy from dawn to dusk.
Fighting and buzzing about.
Too many to count.
Then suddenly most were gone.


Images of the Week
Peak Hummingbird Migration in Texas

Pit Stop on Texas Coast
Harlen Aschen

Peak Hummingbird Migration in Texas
Rush Hour!
Harlen Aschen
Hummingbird at feeder with boy.

Swarming on Saturday
Beverly Supak

Look Who's at the Feeder!

A creature appeared at a feeder in Florida. Can you find it? A hummer took a special sip in Mississippi, and another seemed to SHARE in Indiana. Take a close look! Thanks to these photographers for posting these remarkable images.

Hummingbird sitting in a woman's finger. Hummingbird at feeder with boy.

Graph: Number of roosts reported as of September 14th each year

Creature at the Feeder
Teresa Seeger

A Sip in Mississippi
Susan Butts

Sharing in Indiana
Beth Haisley
Next week's "Have You Seen a Hummingbird?" reminder will be posted on September 30th.