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Migration Data Spring 2009
Courtesy of the American Cetacean Society Los Angeles
and Gray Whales Count
, at Goleta/the Santa Barbara Channel
Los Angeles Santa Barbara Channel


Michael H. Smith, Project Director for Gray Whales Count, discusses why counts differ between these two California sites. >>


  • This migration data is available on a daily basis directly from the American Cetacean Society of Los Angeles and Gray Whales Count, a joint research and education project of:
    UCSB's Coal Oil Point Reserve, Goleta, CA; American Cetacean Society Channel Islands, CA
    and Cascadia Research Collective in Oympia, WA
  • The data above is compiled and published here for our Gray Whale Migration Updates on the dates shown.
  • A network of whale-watch captains along the migration route also contribute sightings. Their locations are marked as stars on our Gray Whale migration map and labeled as "Observation Posts."
  • Additional gray whale sightings may be contributed by other observers. Go directly to our Gray Whale migration map and to the data archives.


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