Gray Whale Migration Update: February 21, 2007

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Photo: Mike Hawe
Whale Watching: News From Observation Posts >> 

Hopeful whale watchers are flocking to the Mexican lagoons and the Pacific Coast from far and wide to see the whales. We've heard from our official observers at points marked by yellow arrows on this globe. Observers at the lagoons (#2 and #3) are seeing fewer whales than last year. Is that also true at the Los Angeles observation post (#5)? See the answer at a glance on this line graph.

The big question is: Where are the gray whales? Have more whales stayed in and around the Bering Sea, taking advantage of the smaller-than-usual ice pack to spend more time feeding? Is the migration running late? Gray whales are still swimming south, but changes are afoot. What stories came from the observation posts? Here's the news! >>
Journal Question: What Kind of Mom?
Explore! Holy Cow! What a Calf >>
  • Based on comments from today's observers and the story Holy Cow! What a Calf, do you think gray whales are good mothers?

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Photo Keith Jones
Tracking the Migration: A Look at This Week's Data

The big news this week is from Los Angeles, where whales have been passing in both directions — south and north. People were watching for what's called the "turnaround" date. The turnaround is the first date on which northbound whales outnumber southbound whales. This year's turnaround has happened!

  • Can you figure out when the turnaround took place? >>
  • Curious about other years? Compare 2006 and 2005! >>
  • Graphing gray whale data through the whole season? Add the latest data. >>
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The Next Gray Whale Migration Update Will Be Posted on March 7, 2007.