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Gray Whale

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FINAL Gray Whale Migration Update: May 17, 2006
With the migration dwindling past California, our two census stations ended their counts this week, completing a good season. Farther up the coast, Wayne Perryman is still counting cows and calves. Observers in Tofino, BC are “definitely in the main part of the mom/calf northward migration.” We thank our scientists and wish the gray whales a Bon Voyage and a fabulous summer of feasting!
Gray Whale Migration Update: May 3, 2006
The adult/juvenile phase of the migration has slowed, but mothers and babies are plowing north! It was an exciting week for counting calves and the first cow/calf pair was spotted near Tofino, BC. But all the news was not good. Orcas lie in wait and take their toll. Explore more with our new lesson on feeding and survival. How can the median date help you estimate the number of calves that will be counted this season?
Gray Whale Migration Update: April 19, 2006
Patch and the usual Puget Sound “resident whales” are taking their annual time out. Find out how observers know this. But calves made the biggest news. Wayne Perryman reports the second highest weekly calf count since 1998! If you were an observer, could you tell whether it's a calf you're seeing? Test your skills with our new lesson, and see more calf capers in our field notes.
Gray Whale Migration Update: April 5, 2006
Observers are reporting whales from Mexico to Alaska! The peak migration of adults and juveniles has passed, while hundreds of whales still in the lagoons are deep into spring training. What story is told by 12 years of graphs showing calf births? Clues and links in today's report (including intriguing views on sea ice) help explain. Ask the Expert opens Friday!
Gray Whale Migration Update: March 22, 2006
The adult and juvenile northbound parade is in full swing, but very few cow/calf pairs reported this time. Slide into a cool topic with our new sea ice lesson and how it affects the whales’ migration. What does it mean if a whale-watcher calls 'BLOW, 300 degrees at 45 mil'? Decode when you learn some whale watcher's lingo.
Gray Whale Migration Update: March 8, 2006
Here come the babies! The first northbound gray whale mom/baby pairs have been seen at both the Los Angeles and Channel Islands Observation posts. What's ahead on their Journey North? Our literature link gives the picture. Discover more about gray whale habitat and behavior from the images in our photo tour of a nursery lagoon, and calculate answers to some migration math.
Gray Whale Migration Update: February 22, 2006
Is the migration running late? Gray whales are still plowing south, but changes are afoot. Analyze the latest data and find out the news! The action is in the birthing lagoons; see our clip of a baby whale. Look for clues in field notes for factors that influence how many whales are counted. Why do gray whale blows create heart-shaped spouts?
Gray Whale Migration Update: February 8, 2006
Since December, gray whales have been arriving in the birthing lagoons of Mexico's Baja California coast. More whales are still headed south than north, but that's about to change! Start your official Journey North Gray Whale Migration Journal. Collect the latest data and begin your graphs. Find out who's counting the whales, and who's kissing them. A fascinating new season of migration discoveries starts today!


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