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Symbolic Butterfly Migration Update: November 25, 2003

The Journey South is Complete!
Your Symbolic Butterflies have arrived in Angangueo, Michoacan, Mexico where they will be resting comfortably, just as the real Monarchs are resting now too. They will be well-cared for in Mexico until their journey north in Spring 2004.

Learn who's caring for the Butterflies and who will send you a "winter note" from Mexico:

Rocio and Students in
Northern Mexico


Students in the
Sanctuary-Area Schools
Visitors at the
Monarch Sanctuary Exhibits.
Watch your mailbox for a "winter note" from a
student in Mexico

How Long Did it Take? Discussion of Sam's CQ #1
Just before he drove away from the Journey North office with your Butterflies, UPS driver Sam Nyakundi asked you: "Exactly how many days, hours and minutes do you think it will take the butterflies to reach Angangueo, Mexico?" We provided some clues for you too.

We eagerly awaited the news and now have heard from our contact in Angangueo, German, that he received the Symbolic Butterflies:

The Symbolic Butterflies were delivered in Angangueo on November 23, 2003 at 4:00 PM CST (16:00 on a 24 hour clock), 6 days and 56 minutes of travel time.

Mr. Phillips' and Mrs. Dotson's Third grade students, Corey, Jarrod, Bree, Seth, Braxton, Courtney, Joanna, Samuel, Beth and Evan, from Kanawha Elementary School in Davisville, WV provided 8 separate estimates ranging from 4 days 2 hours, up to 10 days, 20 hours, 50 minutes. And Mrs. Leland's class from Kingwood, TX also gave several estimates ranging from 29 hours 50 minutes to 72 hours. So many great estimates were given, but in the end, it looks like Evan from West Virginia charted the butterflies' travel time most accurately, with his answer of "5 days, 10 hours, and 3 minutes."

Thanks to all the classrooms (i.e. Student Travel Agents) that charted the butterflies' itinerary and submitted estimates!

Try This! Journaling Questions
Last year's journey took almost 4 days. So why did it take longer this year? Just as the real monarchs face many unexpected challenges as they migrate, your Symbolic Butterflies do too, but they may be different challenges. Compare the two migrations. Can you think of why a Symbolic Butterfly might be slowed down in migration, when a real butterfly might not? For instance, ask yourselves:

  • Are real butterflies affected in their travels when they cross over an international boundary? How about Symbolic Butterflies?

  • Are real butterflies affected in their travels by days on a calendar, such as weekends or holidays? How about Symbolic Butterflies?

The Journey North Challenge: Discussion of CQ #2
We also challenged you with more Monarch Math, when we asked you to estimate: "How many Symbolic Butterflies do you think are flying to Mexico this year?"

Using the clues from the information we had at the time the Symbolic Butterflies left Journey North, the estimated number of Symbolic Butterflies flying to Mexico was 50,268. Was your estimate close to ours?


What's the Real and Final Butterfly Count?
After we prepared our estimates and shipped out the butterflies, a few straggler envelopes showed up at Journey North (envelopes that had been mailed before the deadline but delayed). We've now added those stragglers to the mix, and here are the final counts:

Total Butterflies Sent In: 50,699
Total Schools Sending Butterflies: 1,115
Total Number of Envelopes: 2,347

Thank You for Your Generous Gifts for Monarch Conservation!
A heartfelt thanks to all the students, teachers, individuals, clubs and associations listed below from across the U.S. and Canada for their many contributions and generous support of the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation.

A total of $12, 163 (U.S. dollars) was contributed
during this fall's Symbolic Monarch Migration for conservation work in Mexico!

Thanks to the following people......y Gracias de las mariposas monarcas!

Watch for news this winter about how these contributions are being used in Mexico by the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation.

(Note: Help us with our list above! This is a big job, with many names and much information to process.
If you notice a need for corrections, please write to our feedback form immediately and we will try to correct the situation.)

Discussion of Challenge Question #3
In our last update we asked if you could "calculate how many schools sent in donation checks" for the MBSF? Using the clues given, the answer was that 500 schools sent in checks. You could calculate this by multiplying 1,108 schools by .4513 = 500 schools.

Due to the stragglers, we received checks from even more schools (thanks!), raising the percentage of schools that sent in checks to 45.74%. In total we got checks from 510 schools out of 1,115 schools that sent in butterflies (510 schools that sent checks divided by 1115 total schools = 45.74%).

Thanks again to everyone that sent in checks for the MBSF!

One Last Look: Symbolic Migration Passenger List
If you haven't already done so, please carefully check for your name on the Symbolic Migration Passenger List, which is available on our Web site. When doing so, please try to picture the task on this end, with 50,000+ butterflies. Posting this list is an opportunity for you to help us confirm receiving what you sent.

IMPORTANT: Please carefully check for your school's name on this list:
If you sent butterflies to Journey North and you do not find your name on the list, please don't be alarmed. Just follow these steps:
  1. LOOK AGAIN! Please check the list very, very carefully. When teachers write us in despair, we find that over 75% simply didn't read carefully enough.

  2. Please do not write to us about spelling errors. With a plane to catch--and over 2,000 schools on board--we had to type quickly! We apologize in advance if your school's name is misspelled.

  3. If you're certain your name is not listed, send an E-mail to Journey North and let us know:
    our feedback form
    (Please include your full name and address, and the number of butterflies you sent.)

Symbolic Monarch Art Gallery Remains Open
The exhibition of your artwork will remain open, so be sure to plan a visit.

Tour the Galleries

Do you see your Butterfly?
Gallery One
Butterflies with Messages
Gallery Two
Realistic Butterflies
Gallery Three
Putting a Face on Your Monarch
Gallery Four
Crazy for Collages
Gallery Five
Littlest Gems
Gallery Six
Delightfully Different
Gallery Seven
Sensationally Symetrical

Butterflies Reach Mexico, Compliments of UPS
Thanks to UPS, boxes full of your butterflies made it to their winter homes by UPS's special international cargo service. We hope you'll take the time to thank UPS (United Parcel Service) for this generous support. They love hearing from you!

We hope you'll take the time to send them a thank you note for their support
Please send your thanks to:

Mr. Ed Gill
UPS Minnesota COO
3312 Broadway St. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

The is the FINAL Symbolic Monarch Migration Update.

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