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Symbolic Monarch Butterfly Migration Update: October 21, 2003

A Flurry at the First Stop: The Staging Grounds in Minnesota
Thousands of Symbolic Butterflies from near and far have now ended the first leg of their journey, alighting at the staging grounds at Journey North. These Butterflies rest here for about a month each year.

Our Mailman has been getting quite a workout--thank you for all of your hard work!


Take a look at this Timeline to see where your Butterflies are, and what's happening to them now:


The Journey North staff greets the butterflies.

We open every envelope.


Butterflies from Each Class are Sorted:

One butterfly goes to Northern Mexico
One butterfly goes to the Monarch Sanctuaries for
Winter Notes (...More)
The rest go to the Monarch Sanctuary Schools and Exhibits.
We take out your Donations
(Thank you!)
Return envelopes are saved for Spring. Beth Allen coordinates the whole show.
(Thank you, Beth!)

Over 50,000 butterflies are packed to go to Mexico.


Mark your Calendar! Here What's in Store for Your Symbolic Butterflies:


  • Find out where your Butterflies are now.
  • Symbolic Migration Art Gallery: See photos of hundreds of the migrating monarchs--will you see yours?
  • Are You an Ambassador for Your Country?


  • Symbolic Butterflies take off for Mexico!
  • Passenger Lists (so you can make sure your Symbolic Butterflies were on board).
  • Challenge Question #1: A special UPS Tracking number will be posted so you can try to predict exactly how many days, hours, minutes and seconds the symbolic migration will take to Mexico. (To be sure you're ready, bookmark the UPS tracking system now: UPS Online Package Tracking System
  • Challenge Question #2: Facts to help you predict how many symbolic monarchs are flying to Mexico.


  • Total number of Symbolic Butterflies revealed.
  • Total days, hours and minutes it took to reach Mexico revealed.
  • List of donors to the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation proudly displayed.
  • While your Butterflies are in the care of the Mexican people, read about life in the sanctuary region.

The Next Symbolic Monarch Migration Update Will be Posted on October 31, 2003

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