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Deadline for Symbolic Migration: October 14, 2003

Included in this Reminder:

Reminder: The Postmark Deadline is October 14
We reserve the right to return butterflies who do not migrate on time! Don't be late. We want your butterflies to safely escape the long, cold winter!

Check Your Steps--Did You "Check" the Checklist for 2003?

1) Print the Migration Checklist and read the packing information carefully.

2) Follow the mailing instructions on the Migration Checklist exactly.

3) Check each box as you complete each task.

4) Enclose the Migration Checklist with your butterflies

Your Donations at Work--"We're Helping Monarchs"
Your contributions have helped protect the Monarch Sanctuaries in Mexico in many ways, and this year we hope for 100 % participation from you!

The forest sanctuaries are not adequately protected, and logging still threatens this very habitat that monarchs need to survive. But saving the Sanctuaries is a challenge, because the people who live there are very poor and they depend on the forest for survival too, just like the monarchs.


Please write checks to:
The Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation and enclose with your butterflies.


The Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Foundation (MBSF) is a non-profit organization working to find ways for the monarchs and the people to coexist in the Sanctuaries. One example is the exciting reforestation project now underway in the Monarch Sanctuary area, through a collaboration of Journey North, MBSF and the Michoacan Reforestation Fund.

Look What's Growing!
Funds that students across the U.S. and Canada donated during last year's Symbolic Migration purchased trees for this reforestation project that were planted by Mexican children who live beside the sanctuaries. On June 20th, the school children planted 7,500 pine seedlings in an area that had been damaged by fire and illegal logging. The students and the teachers will benefit in the future as the trees grow under their regular care. Reforestation stops erosion, which protects the soil and water. The forest products also provide economic income and materials, which are thought to take pressure off the forests at higher elevations used by the monarchs.


  • Let's watch the children and the trees grow together!
  • Each year another grove will be planted.
  • Each tree costs fifty cents.

We hope you'll support this effort!

For Complete Informaton on How to Participate
For complete instructions, lessons, examples and the latest news be sure to visit:
Mark your Calendar! Here's What's Next for Your Symbolic Butterflies

Coming in our next report on October 21:

  • Watch the Flurry: Peek in on your Butterflies at the Staging Grounds

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