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Rocío Treviño is the
Founder of Correo Real. She also coordinates the Symbolic Migration in northern Mexico for Correo Real participants.

5 de noviembre de 2003

Amigos de Journey South:

Even though the first colonies of Monarch butterflies are assembling in their “Winter Palace” in the states of México* and Michoacán, we continue seeing butterflies in the northeastern portion of our country, today I was at my house´s garden around nine in the morning and saw five in 10 minutes. Their journey over the cities within their migratory route has not been worth of note as in other years, maybe because of high temperatures this fall and as a result numbers of reports have been much less.

All the people that each year await with expectation their arrival, are a bit disapointed, nevertheless, in the schools of Coahuila children have learned about their life cycle and migration of this insect, activity built into the School program, since October is the conservation month of the Monarch butterlfy and all schoolrooms had a corner dedicated to them.

The children and teens of some of the schools following the Correo Real program, await the arrival of the paper butterflies sent by you, they will look after them over the winter , as they are preparing now, with lots of love, those to be sent north next month of March.

*Translator Note: Estado de México is a central Mexican State that shares the name of the country. It would be like if there was a state named America within the U.S.A. It shares with Michoacán the privilege of hosting the Monarch colonies.

Ing. Roció Treviño U.
Directora, Correo Real

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