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Journey North International Tulip Study
Plant Tulips This Fall for Journey North!

It's time to dig in! This fall, plant a Journey North Tulip Garden so you can proclaim the official arrival of spring in your community. By sharing observations over the Internet, students across North America will follow the wave of spring as it moves northward and measure its pace from distant places.

International Science Project
These tulips will be the focus of an international science project in which students investigate the relationship between geography, temperature and the arrival of spring. In the past, science students shared data with laboratory partners or maybe with a classroom of students. Using the Internet, these students will share their results with students across the continent.

Join The Fun!
This fall, hundreds of students will plant their gardens according to the same guidelines. Then they'll register their garden in Journey North's official Tulip Garden Registry. When the tulips bloom in the spring, the news will be shared with classmates across North America as part of the Journey North program.

How to Participate

  • Click Here for Instructions for this year's study.

Visit Spring, 2000 Archives
Exactly how does the Journey North Tulip project work? Review last year's program for a good overview. We will follow the same procedures, so you should find it helpful as you plan to participate. To Spring, 2000 Archives

Additional Questions?
If you have any questions about this project, please contact Journey North at: our feedback form

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