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Journey North International Tulip Study
Ordering Information for Red Emperor Tulip Bulbs

Canadian Residents

All gardens must be planted with Red Emperor tulip bulbs. This is a scientific experiment, so all Journey North gardens must be planted with the same variety. Purchase bulbs in your own community, or contact the supplier "Cruickshank Ltd." and tell them you're planting a Journey North garden.

Order Red Emperor tulips, size 12+ cm

# Bulbs

Price per Bulb

Up to 36 bulbs


36 - 72 bulbs


72 - 300 bulbs


Over 300 bulbs

Price is negotiable

How to Order

By Phone: 1-800-665-5605 (and 416-750-9249)
By Fax: 1-416-750-8522
E-Mail: cruick@inforamp.net

The operator will need the following information:

Contact Name
Billing Address:
Shipping Address:
Quantity of bulbs requesting
Credit Card # and Expiration Date
P.O. #
(Mail or FAX the necessary paperwork Cruickshank Ltd. )

For More Information Contact:
Attn: Rachel
Cruickshank Ltd.
Toronto, Canada
E-Mail: cruick@inforamp.net

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