Peregrine Falcon Migration Update: October 14, 1998
Contributed by biologist Geoff Holroyd, Canadian Wildlife Service

Dear Peregrine Enthusiast

The female peregrine may have reached her winter destination - Cuba!

Migration route of Peregrine Falcon #5735

You will remember that her location on October 2 was on the Florida coast of Apalachee Bay, 50 km south of Tallahassee. On October 5 she was at Key Largo, Florida at the base of the Florida Keys. The transmitter signal was picked for 2 hours (6-8pm) and the location did not change. On the 8th she was near the end of the Keys, at the Pine Islands, east of Key West.

On October 11, she had crossed the Straits of Florida and was on the north coast of Cuba. The location is in the islands of the Sabana Archipelago north of Sagua La Grande and La Sabana, 250 km east of Havana. She was at the same location on October 14.

The falcon that carried the transmitter last year travelled south very rapidly and stopped abruptly south of Veracruz, Mexico. It remained there for the winter. I would speculate that this falcon may be doing the same, although it has only been at this location for three days.

I will send an update in a week or so to confirm that she has stopped for the winter or tell you of her movements if she travels further south.

Geoff Holroyd, Research Scientist
Canadian Wildlife Service
Environment Canada
Edmonton, Alberta

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