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Year-End Evaluation



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1. Are you based in a school or other educational setting? Yes No

2. If so, what age students do you reach?

3. Which best describes your setting?

4. For how many years have you participated in Journey North ?

5. Do you plan to participate again next year?

Yes No Maybe NA

6. What is the socioeconomic level of the students you reach?

Low Middle High NA


7. In which of these FALL activities did you participate?

Monarch Migration   Tulip Garden Study
Symbolic Monarch Migration Whooping Crane Migration

8. In which of these SPRING activities did you participate?

Bald Eagles Robins
Gray Whales Symbolic Migration
Hummingbirds Tulip Garden Study
Monarch Butterflies Weather and Songbird Migration
Mystery Class Whooping Cranes  


9. Frequency of Use
How often, on average, do you and/or your class use the Journey North website/program?

Several times a week Once a week Twice a month Once a month or less

10. Ease of Use

Very easy Easy Somewhat easy Not easy

11. Method of Use
What are the main ways in which you use Journey North with your class?

Track migrations w/online maps Print and read news and materials
Plot migrations on classroom maps Read online (as a class, w/projector)
Conduct activities/lessons Use occasionally as a supplement
Students use for their own research

Note: If you have additional comments, please mention them in #16, below!


12. Which of the following Teaching Resources did you use?

Journey North for Kids Orientation: Getting Started with JN
Student Journals (one example) Standards Correlations
Student Handouts (one example) Assessment Strategies
Reading Booklets for Kids (one example) Inquiry Strategies
Background Lessons  

13. Future Initiatives
Which of the following ideas would you like us to develop? Please vote for three!

Migration updates written at students' reading level Assessment & standards attached to all lessons
More audio visual materials (images, video, sound) List of fiction and non-fiction books that coordinate with Journey North.
More "Journey North for Kids" (image-rich, simple text) Core curriculum units (e.g., "seasons," "habitat," "adaptations," "climate change," etc.)
Materials formatted for easier printing (PDF updates, worksheets, etc.) Self-directed units for students (gifted, home school, etc.)


14. Would you be interested in attending a Journey North professional development workshop in your district or region?

Yes No Not Applicable

15. Have you ever conducted or attended a workshop about Journey North in any of the following settings? (Select as many as apply.)

At my school At a local or regional conference
In my school district At a national conference
Other setting No, I haven't conducted or attended a workshop

Note: If you have conducted a workshop, please use #16, below, to fill us in!


16. Overall, what do you think we should do to improve the program?

17. Send a quotable quote! It's valuable to have supportive words from participating teachers and students when we tell others about this program (for grant proposals, press needs, public presentations, etc.) You don't need to write a long letter, just a few sentences would be helpful!

18. Summer Contact Information

City State/Province
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19. May we call you this summer to learn more about how you use Journey North?

Yes No Not Applicable


THANK YOU VERY MUCH for helping at this busy time of year!

The Journey North Staff