Migration Update: March 19, 2008

Today's Report Includes:

What's this eagle doing?

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Read today's Update, then try answering the question.

Photos: Jon McRay

Maps and Data

For the third year in a row eagle U27 has begun her migration before the others. "Eagle-Eye" Nye says that part of the reason eagles hurry back northward is to stake a claim on their territory. Makes you wonder if her nesting grounds are home to many other eagle pairs.

Besides U27's movement, what do today's eagle maps tell you? Do you see other interesting things? We'll take a little closer look at U25 again to see if she has made up her mind.

Keep your eyes to the sky as northern lakes begin to break up. You may see some eagles close to home.

Golden Eagle


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Bald Eagles

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  Explore:  U25 — Which Way to Go?

Last week we discussed how the change in daylight hours was one big factor that sends eagles on their migrations. What other factors might also signal it is time to go?

Eagle U25 has traveled south, then north, then south again. Now she is located half way between. Last year U25 held steady at this location until March 27. Will she wait that long this year? Will she travel the same migration route?

Eagle Behavior: Eagle Nests
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Why do eagles start their migration when they do: How would you answer?

Nye tells us that part of the reason eagles hurry back northward is to stake a claim on their territory. Once at the nest site the work begins!

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What did you learn? Use your Journals to write down as many facts as you can find!

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Explore: Learn More About Nests

Want to Learn More About Eagle Nests?
Dig a little deeper with our bird experts Peter Nye and Laura Erickson. How is your bedroom like an eagle's nest? How would you compare their "interior designs?" Read the facts from the experts:

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Challenge yourself with a "Reading and Writing Connection."
Use your new vocabulary and facts to springboard into creative writing, or write an article for a local newspaper or magazine!

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News From New Hampshire
The NH Eagles (No Eagles, Yet!)
Stay tuned until next week when we hope to have news from Chris Martin about his project.
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A special remote camera on Barton Island sends nest pictures. We can see them on the FirstLight Power Web site >>
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The Next Bald Eagle Migration Update Will Be Posted on March 26, 2008.