Migration Update: February 28, 2007

Today's Report Includes:

  • Eagle Migration: Map, and Data
    • This Week's Map and Data >>
  • Explore! Continued Travels with U25 >>
  • Journal Question: Does Weather Affect Eagle Movements? >>
  • Ask the Eagle Expert NOW OPEN >>
  • Links: This Week's Bald Eagle Resources >>

What can you see in this photo? Any clues for the eagle's survival?
Observe and Explore! >>

Eagle Migration: Map, Data, and Questions

  • This week's migration map >>
  • Data for your own classroom map >>
  • Questions about this week's map (handout) >>

Where are the eagles? Study the map this week for clues. Does it look like a couple eagles are waiting out the winter? Not much movement yet, except for U25. There's been no signal for V98 since Feb. 13.. What could have happened? Will we hear from her again soon? (Hint: See "Meet the Eagles to find out about her transmitter (PTT). >>))mmmmmmmmmmm (Photo:Pete Nye and V98)

Explore! Continued Travels with U25

Continued Travels with U25
"Eagle country," that's what we call the rugged Adirondack mountains of Eastern NY. Covered with lakes, hills and woods, these mountains make great habitat for eagles. We tracked Bald eagle U25 to this area for the first 2 weeks of Feb. But, she has now moved on.
Measure the distance she has traveled since Feb. 13. Use the mapserver to help estimate distances. >>

Journal Question: Does the Weather Affect Eagle Movements? Use your Bald Eagle Journal >>

Valentine's Day Snow Storm
Between Feb. 12-15, a large weather system brought BIG snow to the Northeast. Schools closed and travelers were delayed as everyone took up shovels to dig out. We wondered, would the eagles be affected by the snow storm?

  • Did any of our eagles make a move during the snowstorm?
  • Do you think these movements were made because of the weather? Why?

Northeast Snowfall Impact Map
Feb. 12-15, 2007
(Credit: NOAA)
Ask the Eagle Expert NOW OPEN!
During the next two weeks your class is invited to pose questions to Peter Nye. Please send questions that only an expert can answer! Ask questions that you can't find the answers in a book or other information source. Let's see what we can learn from our expert in the field! (Photo:Ed Robertson)

Information and How to Ask a Good Question >>
Links: This Week's Eagle Resources
  • Background: Meet the Eagles >>
  • Background: About Eagle Migration and Weather >>
  • Journey North for Kids >>
  • Journal: Bald Eagle Journal >>
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The Next Bald Eagle Migration Update Will Be Posted on March 7, 2007.